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How to Preserve Your Car Battery

The battery is an essential part of your vehicle. From starting up to charging your phone while you drive, batteries provide all of the crucial electrical power you need to go about your day. The average car battery lasts around 2 to 5 years. When you are looking to prolong the life of your battery, the following tips could prove useful.

Limit shorter drives: A quick car ride can prevent your battery from fully charging. You want to maintain its power by driving it frequently and for long periods.

Keep it fastened tightly: If the battery is not adequately secured in the vehicle, it could experience damage due to the constant vibrating. Ensure your leading experts in Apopka auto repair inspect the terminal regularly.

Turn off the lights: Make sure all of the lights in your vehicle are turned off before leaving your car. Leaving your lights on all night can put unnecessary strain on the battery.

Corrosion control: Scrub your battery terminals with an old toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and water mixture. This will help control the amount of corrosion that occurs, prolonging your battery life.

Do not use electronics while idle: Turn off the radio and AC when your engine is not running to reduce the strain on your battery power. Extended idling can also wear the power down so turn the car entirely off when you are able.

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